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Seafoam Letters

Seafoam Letters

How it all began

David Shooting

Alphabet Photography presents the world’s only photographic collection of letters and numbers made entirely from naturally occurring seafoam.

This charming, one-of-a kind seafoam letter collection was created by acclaimed photographer David Paul Bayles. It all began with a gift of love… from the sea. Walking along the beach with his wife Lea on her birthday, David was mesmerized by the seafoam swirling at his feet. Suddenly, the shape of a heart appeared and David immediately photographed it before the wave swept it back into the sea. That same day, he photographed the letters L...O...V...E which he printed, along with the heart, as a gift for Lea. "It was like a little miracle," David says, "I’ve lived and photographed much of my life by the sea, but I have never before seen seafoam do this."

Enchanted by the beauty of these fleeting images David returned to the beach dozens of times to photograph more seafoam letters. It took him two years to complete the collection that includes several variations of each letter and numbers. Never again was it as easy as it was on the very first day. Photographing these images is a creative challenge as the seafoam holds a shape for only a brief moment before dissolving.

These images are not ever digitally created- but always true to the form in which the sea delivers them. This natural integrity of the images is important to David as he enjoys relying on his perseverance, photographic skill and the generosity of the ocean. “I’d much rather be out on the beach photographing than sitting at the computer photo-shopping!” exclaims David.

David Paul Bayles Biography

David Paul Bayles has been an award- winning professional photographer for 30 years. David’s fine art photography is in galleries and museums around the world and has been featured in numerous publications including Orion, Audubon, Nature Conservancy, Spirituality and Health, Christian Science Monitor, Los Angeles Times Magazine, Outdoor Photographer, Photo Metro and Sierra.

David’s first book, Urban Forest, Images of Trees in a Human Landscape, was published by Sierra Club in 2003. His architectural and portrait work has been featured in many published collections and in such periodicals as Architectural Record, LA Times, Coastal Living, Kitchen and Bath and American Builders Quarterly. Having taught photography around the world, David now teaches and mentors primarily at Kindred Wind Studio, in the foothills of the Oregon Coast Range, where he lives with his wife Lea. David’s fine art photography explores the Tree-Human Connection Workshops, retreats, resources: Igniting creativity and transformation in collaboration with nature.

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Seafoam letters Seafoam letters Seafoam letters Seafoam letters